[HELP] Export-Csv : Cannot bind argument to parameter InputObject

I don’t know what happened with my previous post. I did edit it and all of a sudden it’s gone.

The script is running and the export to csv is correct. But I would like to polish it up without an error.

I am getting the following error when I run the PS script:

Export-Csv : Cannot bind argument to parameter 'InputObject' because it is null. At C:\scripts\MPermissions.ps1:105 char:21
<code>[string]$MailboxId = '*',</code>
<code>[string]$CsvFileName = 'MailboxPermissions.csv'</code>


<code>$ScriptDir = Split-Path -Path $script:MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path</code>
<code>$ScriptName = $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name</code>

<code># build CSV full path to store CSV in script directory</code>
<code>$OutputFile = Join-Path -Path $ScriptDir -ChildPath $CsvFileName</code>

<code>Write-Verbose -Message $OutputFile</code>

<code># Fetch mailboxes of type UserMailbox only</code>
<code>$Mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails 'UserMailbox' -Identity $MailboxId -ResultSize Unlimited | Sort-Object</code>

<code>$result = @()</code>

<code># counter for progress bar</code>
<code>$MailboxCount = ($Mailboxes | Measure-Object).Count</code>
<code>$count = 1</code>

<code>ForEach ($Mailbox in $Mailboxes) {</code>

<code>$Alias = '' + $Mailbox.Alias # Use Alias property instead of name to ensure 'uniqueness' passed on to Get-MailboxFolderStatistics</code>

<code>$DisplayName = ('{0} ({1})' -f $Mailbox.DisplayName, $Mailbox.Name)</code>

<code>$activity = ('Working... [{0}/{1}]' -f $count, $mailboxCount)</code>
<code>$status = ('Getting folders for mailbox: {0}' -f $DisplayName)</code>
<code>Write-Progress -Status $status -Activity $activity -PercentComplete (($count/$MailboxCount)*100)</code>

<code># Fetch folders</code>
<code>$Folders = Get-MailboxFolderStatistics $Alias | ForEach-Object {$_.folderpath} | ForEach-Object{$_.replace('/','\')}</code>

<code>ForEach ($Folder in $Folders) {</code>

<code># build folder key to fetch mailbox folder permissions</code>
<code>$FolderKey = $Alias + ':' + $Folder</code>

<code># fetch mailbox folder permissions</code>
<code>$Permissions = Get-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity $FolderKey -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue</code>

<code># store results in variable</code>
<code>$result += $Permissions | Where-Object {$_.User -notlike 'Default' -and $_.User -notlike 'Anonymous' -and $_.AccessRights -notlike 'None' -and $_.AccessRights -notlike 'Owner' } | Select-Object -Property @{name='Mailbox';expression={$DisplayName}}, FolderName, @{name='User';expression={$_.User -join ','}}, @{name='AccessRights';expression={$_.AccessRights -join ','}}</code>

<code># Increment counter</code>

<code># Export to CSV</code>
<code>$result | Export-Csv -Path $OutputFile -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8 -Delimiter ';' -Force

@Rob Simmers I tried your edit, but that didn’t work. I am still getting the error.

I don’t know what happened with my previous post. I did edit it and all of a sudden it’s gone.
The edit was caught by the auto-moderator system and marked as spam. If your topic disappears please don't submit it again. Give the moderators a chance to deal with it. Submitting your topic multiple times creates a mess that we have to clean up.

I have similar issue. When I run the script in debug mode (F8) it works. But when I execute it directly via PS console as completed PS1 it gives me error “Export-Csv : Cannot bind argument to parameter ‘InputObject’ because it is null.”

# Find all DHCP Server in Domain
$DhcpServers = Get-DhcpServerInDC
foreach ($DHCPServer in $DhcpServers.DnsName){
if (Test-Connection -BufferSize 32 -Count 1 -ComputerName $dhcpserver -Quiet){
$ErrorActionPreference = "SilentlyContinue"
$Scopes = Get-DhcpServerv4Scope -ComputerName $DHCPServer
#For all scopes in the DHCP server, get the scope options and add them to $LIstofSCopesandTheirOptions
foreach ($Scope in $Scopes){
$LIstofSCopesandTheirOptions += Get-DHCPServerv4OptionValue -ComputerName $DHCPServer -ScopeID $Scope.ScopeId | Select-Object @{label="DHCPServer"; Expression= {$DHCPServer}},@{label="ScopeID"; Expression= {$Scope.ScopeId}},@{label="ScopeName"; Expression= {$Scope.Name}},@{Name=’Value’;Expression={[string]::join(";", ($_.Value))}},*
$LIstofSCopesandTheirOptions += Get-DHCPServerv4OptionValue -ComputerName $DHCPServer | Select-Object @{label="DHCPServer"; Expression= {$DHCPServer}},@{Name=’Value’;Expression={[string]::join(";", ($_.Value))}},*
$ErrorActionPreference = "Continue"
#Now we have them all, output them
$LIstofSCopesandTheirOptions | Export-Csv -Path D:\EAADM\atrubajda\DhcpOptionsReport.csv -Force
#$ListofScopesandTheirOptions | Out-GridView

I “solved” this issue by switching to PowerShell version 7.1

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The line is question appears to be here:

$result | Export-Csv -Path $OutputFile -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8 -Delimiter ';' -Force

If the $result variable is null, then you could get an error like you posted. Basically, you should be checking to see if there is anything in $result before you attempt an export, something like this:

if ( $result ) {
   $result | Export-Csv -Path $OutputFile -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8 -Delimiter ';' -Force 
else {
   'No results to export.'