Group Policy

I have a list of Group Policies in our Company domain where each is assigned to a specific client. The policy assigned a folder redirection policy to point to a specific file server as to where each client’s custom desktop is located (UserConfiguration -> Polices -> Windows Settings -> FolderRedirection -> Desktop -> Settings)

I am looking at Get-GPO and Get-GPOReport, however I just want a csv file that looks like the following:

Clients CustomDesktop Path

AFP \cfs02\cm-afr$\Desktop

AFB \cfs03\cm-afb$\Desktop

AFC \cfs02\cm-afc$\Desktop



Is this possible? I don’t see how to drill down into the GPO settings to pull this information with these two specific cmdlets.


If you know the GUID of the group policy object, then you can do,

[xml]$Gpo=Get-GPOReport -Guid '{00A67995-0BB4-4789-8AAA-610D8231C870}' -ReportType Xml

Then use $GPO xml object for getting further details.