GPO management using Powershell

What could be the reason behind the Powershell Get-GPInheritance cmdlet returning the value of null in the InheritedGpolinks property? I am able to see the inherited GPO links when I use the GPMC console.



As I don’t work for Microsoft, it’s difficult to guess what the reason might be. Have you considered filing a support ticket? The GPO cmdlets are a supported part of the operating system.

Thanks Don

Need to see what you’re trying to run, but could it be because it is a list item and it’s misinterpreting what you’re asking for?

This works:

Get-GPInheritance 'OU=OU1,DC=contoso,DC=com'

as well as this:

Get-GPInheritance 'OU=OU1,DC=contoso,DC=com'
| Select-Object -ExpandProperty GpoLinks

Hello Don Reese,
I tried all that. There are two properties supplying information about the type of GPO linkages (Directly or Inherited) under the Get-GPInheritance cmdlet. The Gpolinks and the InheritedGpolinks. I cant just figure it out why powershell is returning the InheritedGpolinks with a value of null, even when there’s some GPOs linked to the top-level domain container.