Get value from higher pipe level

I’m getting mobile device stats from Exchange against each box, but get-mobiledevicestatistics unfortunately doesn’t return a friendly name of the box it’s retrieving – the closest thing is the Identity field, which spits out the full CN with the username crammed in the middle. Here’s what I’m using:

$UserList = Get-CASMailbox -Filter {hasactivesyncdevicepartnership -eq $true -and -not displayname -like "CAS_{*"} | Get-Mailbox

$UserList | foreach { Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_.alias} | FL $userlist.Name, DeviceModel, LastSuccessSync

Is there a way to retrieve the name field from the initial command? The “$userlist.Name” throws this:
FL : Cannot convert System.Object[] to one of the following types {System.String,

Try a calculated expression:

$UserList | foreach { Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_.alias | Select DeviceModel, LastSuccessSync, @{Label="Name";Expression={$_.Name}}} | FL Name, DeviceModel, LastSuccessSync

No error, but no values, either; “Name” is blank. Technically that’s trying to call “Name” from Get-MobileDeviceStatistics, yes? And there’s no property named that on that command. I need to somehow grab “Name” from “Get-Mailbox” on each ForEach.

Would there be a way to cheat, of sorts, by writing the object’s name to an out file and then running the mobile stats command? So, each time the loop ran, it’d write the Get-Mailbox value “Name”, then run Get-MobileDeviceStatistics and write that to the file?

What do you know, it worked! Here’s my modified code, in case people would like to see.

$UserList = Get-CASMailbox -Filter {hasactivesyncdevicepartnership -eq $true -and -not displayname -like "CAS_{*"} | Get-Mailbox

$UserList | ForEach-Object {
    get-mailbox $_.alias | Select-Object -Property Name | Out-File -Append d:\mobiles.txt
    Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_.alias | ft -Property DevicePhoneNumber, DeviceModel, DeviceOS, FirstSyncTime -AutoSize | out-file -Append d:\mobiles.txt

Hello Riley,

Here a modified variant of your first post which will add the mailbox name to the object returned by Get-MobileDeviceStatistics using the Add-Member cmdlet (a trick I’ve learned at the PowerShell Summit 2014 earlier this year).

Get-CASMailbox -Filter { hasactivesyncdevicepartnership -eq $true -and -not displayname -like "CAS_{*" } | Get-Mailbox | ForEach-Object -Process { Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_ | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name MailboxName -Value $_.Name -PassThru } | Select-Object -Property MailboxName, DeviceModel, LastSuccessSync


Your initial post indicated that there was a Name property in $UserList. If you need to pull it from another command, you can do something like this:

#Create a blank object
$results = @()
$UserList = Get-CASMailbox -Filter {hasactivesyncdevicepartnership -eq $true -and -not displayname -like "CAS_{*"} | Get-Mailbox
#Take results returned data from foreach  and put it in the $results object
$results = $UserList | ForEach-Object {
    #Create a variable and extract the name returned from Get-MailBox
    $MailBoxName = get-mailbox $_.alias | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name 
    #Add the variable using a calculated property 
    Get-MobileDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $_.alias | ft -Property DevicePhoneNumber, DeviceModel, DeviceOS, FirstSyncTime, @{Label="Name";Expression={$MailBoxName}} -AutoSize

$results | Export-CSV C:\MailboxInfo.csv

Also, in PowerShell, it’s better practice to generate an object versus appending line by line to a file. So, try this and see if it works as expected.