Get User logged to PC

Hello to all,

I’m froze :slight_smile: please help me,

To Get User logged to any PC in a local network, what you recommend to query?

Departing I have list to PC. Querying to win32_process Owner User, I think an articulated way.



I’m sorry, but I don’t think I understand. If English is not your first language, you might want to use less complicated words. “Departing” and “articulated” are not correct here.

If your question is, “I need to find out what PC a user is logged into,” the answer is, “there is no place to query that from.” Nothing on the network keeps track of what computers a user has logged into. You would have to query every computer on the network. You could possibly use Win32_Session to see what users have sessions on each computer.

If you are looking for users that are logged into a PC in a good format, You might find this helpful.

Sorry, my English is not my first language and is very bad.
Anyway my first language It’s even more bad :slight_smile:

thanks for tips. The reply of Sankar Roy is the solution I was looking for. I can easly adapt to my script.

I’m trying to collect many information from all PC in the LAN and send final report to mail.
When finish I share my small project.

Thanks to both