Get-Service multi-machines

Hi Guys

I want to create simple script that will show specific service like that below

get-service -ComputerName $ComputerName | where {$ -eq ‘WinDefend’} | Format-Table Machinename, Name, Status -AutoSize

My question is:
How to add mandatory option for service name?
Also when I import computer list and run this script on some workstations it is asking me for privilages
How to skip that and mark that specific device needs privileges
I will be very grateful for help


You could set up a try catch loop to catch the non-privileged machines:

try {
     # Get-Service ...
} catch {
     # Write-Warning ...

Also, you could just add a ‘ServiceName’ parameter with the mandatory block like your ComputerName variable. You could also remove the where statement and just name the service in the Get-Service command:

Get-Service -Name $ServiceName -ComputerName $ComputerName | Format-Table MachineName,Name,Status -AutoSize