Get Resource ID (instance name) from custom resource's Test() method


My question is related to DSC available for PowerShell v5.1:

I have a custom DSC resource and I would like to get the resource Instance ID (instance name) from the resource’s Set() or Test() method.

I mean when I have the following instance in the DSC Configuration:

MyCustomResource "MyInstanceName" {
    Property1 = "value1";
    Property2 = 5;
    Property3 = @("value3","value4")

Then from the Test() method of MyCustomResource I would like to get somehow the instance name: “MyInstanceName
Something like:

[bool] Test() {
    $InstanceID = ... # the value of $InstanceID shoud be "MyInstanceName"
    return $result

I would use this for my detailed DSC logging.
Is the above somehow possible?