Get-QADUser alternate date format

So I’m trying to get an alternate date format for the following:

get-qaduser -searchroot ‘domain/Amsterdam’ -IncludedProperties lastlogontimestamp -SizeLimit 0 | where { $.lastlogontimestamp -eq $null } | where { $.whencreated -le $60 } | select-object samaccountname, name, lastlogontimestamp, whencreated | out-file "c:\temp\Inactive60 $(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd).txt”

Basically, it outputs lastlogontimestamp and I want it to output it as the number of days since the last logon. Any suggestions? I appreciate the help!

You could use a calculated property, something like this:

get-qaduser -searchroot 'domain/Amsterdam' -IncludedProperties lastlogontimestamp -SizeLimit 0 |
where { $_.lastlogontimestamp -eq $null } |
where { $_.whencreated -le $60 } |
select-object samaccountname, name, @{Name = DaysSinceLastLogon; Expression = { ((Get-Date) - $_.LastLogonTimestamp).Days }}, whencreated |
out-file "c:\temp\Inactive60 $(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd).txt"

On a side note, you’re filtering for $_.LastLogonTimestamp -eq $null , which doesn’t make much sense with the rest of the code. Did you mean to do -ne $null ? I haven’t used the Quest AD cmdlets, but I assume that they have something like -Filter or -LdapFilter arguments; you’d have better performance by using that instead of Where-Object.

Unless I’m missing something I don’t see how the code works

get-qaduser -searchroot ‘domain/Amsterdam’ -IncludedProperties lastlogontimestamp -SizeLimit 0

will get the user accounts

where { $_.lastlogontimestamp -eq $null }

will only pass users that don’t have a lastlogontimestamp set

where { $_.whencreated -le $60 }

I’m assuming $60 is holding a date 60 days in the past so you are picking accounts that were created more than 60 days ago

If I understand what you are trying to do - you want a list of all users who have logged on and you want to see the number of days since they logged on

Something like this should work for you

Get-QADUser -IncludedProperties lastlogontimestamp | where {$.lastlogontimestamp -ne $null} |
select samaccountname, name, @{N=‘daysSinceLogon’; E={ ( (get-date) - $($
.lastlogontimestamp) ).days } }, whencreated

You need to subtract the lastlogontimestamp from today to get a timespan - the Days property gives you how many days ago the logon occurred

Hi sorry for the confusion, this was just the second half of the script that cleaned up user accounts that had never logged on. Thanks for the help Richard though! That one seems to be working.