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I’m new to this forum (and Powershell) so I hope my question does not sound that stupid but is it somehow possible to use powershell to retreive the serialnumber of an Printer (Canon Printer with Webinterface)? Or is this simply not possible? With Get-Printer and get-wmiobject I found nothing.


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I’d think that depends pretty much on the printer and its driver and how it’s connected to the computer and if it populates the serial number to the OS. You could try to utilize the webinterface and use Invoke-Webrequest to retrieve the serial number directly from the printer.

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Hi Olaf!

thanks for the reply! The printers are connected over a printserver. I already though of using the webinterface but the thing is that the printer first show their serialnumber when you’re logged in. And atm I do not know how I could login with powershell and then read a specific part of the site. ^_^*


That’d make a script solution overly complex I think. About how many printers do we talk about? Can’t you give the task to an apprentice, intern or trainee? :wink:

:smile: no worries - it’s just a nice to have but not absolutely critical needed. Thought there might be a way I just can’t find.

Thanks anyways!


Bio Tech,

This is a complicated task for a simple request, however there are a few roads you can go down.

First, you’ll need to figure out how to connect to the printer’s web interface. I would recommend reading up on Invoke-WebRequest, and for an example/walkthrough I suggest Adam Bertram’s Guide. There are many more on the Googler if you have the patience.

After you get to the point of logging into the Printer, feel free to come back for more assistance.


::EDIT:: I can’t read and transposed names… my bad.

There is also SNMP … might be more hassle then it is worth, and it depends on the default community name or that you know the community name.