Get-Printer question

Hi All,
I am relatively new to Powershell. I am trying to write a script that will give me all printers with errors in their print queues. In addition I need to pull them from multiple servers. So far I have the following:

get-printer -computername “servername1”, “servername2”, “servername3”
| where printerstatus -eq Error | Format-list Name, Jobcount

I keep getting an error related to the -computername parameter. No matter what I try with multiple server entries it does not work. It DOES work with a single server entry.

Any help is appreciated!

Running ‘Get-Help Get-Printer -Full’ will show you that the ComputerName parameter only accepts one string.
You will need to create a foreach loop and pass the computers in one at a time.

$computerName = "servername1", "servername2", "servername3"

foreach ($computer in $computerName) {

    Get-Printer -ComputerName $computer | where printerstatus -eq Error | Format-list Name, Jobcount

Thank You MUCH John! I notice there is no object for servername with Get-Printer. Do you know of a way to pull in the servername for each printer’s output?

Using your example, if you are just looking for the computer name to be part of the output you just need to add the ComputerName property to Format-List.

$computerName = "servername1", "servername2", "servername3"

foreach ($computer in $computerName) {

    Get-Printer -ComputerName $computer | where printerstatus -eq Error | Format-list ComputerName, Name, Jobcount

Thank You! Very much Appreciate it John! Enjoying learning Powershell and am extremely grateful for the support of the community!

Get-Printer can accept a collection of CimSessions so you could do something like

$cs = New-CimSession -ComputerName “servername1”, “servername2”, “servername3”
Get-Printer -CimSession $cs

You could even possibly do

Get-Printer -CimSession “servername1”, “servername2”, “servername3”

As CimSession will often take list of computer names and automatically create and dispose of the sessions

Thanks Richard!