Get-PnPFolder partent folder

Hello folks,

I am currently trying to remove all special characters from folders in SharePoint online using powershell.

My approach: Retrieve all folders, remove special characters, create new folder and move files from old folder to new folder. For this I need the parent folder of the current folder and here I currently fail:

$subFolder = Get-PnPFolder -List “Shared Documents” -Includes ListItemAllFields

foreach($folder in $subFolder)
$name = $“Ü”, “Ue”)
$parent = $folder.ParentFolder

    Add-PnPFolder -Name $name -Folder $parent.path


Anybody have an idea how I can get to the parent folder with Get-PnPFolder? Result remains NULL.

Any help is appreciated.

Soalala, welcome to the forums.

I have no idea of Sharepoint administration but wouldn’t it be way easier to rename the folders with Umlauten?