Get-pnpdevice in Windows 8.1

Is there any way to get this cmdlet in windows 8.1? If not what would the alternative be for this line…

Get-PnpDevice -Class Ports -FriendlyName MOXA* | Select-Object -Property FriendlyName

get-pnpdevice is getting it’s information from TypeName: Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.CimInstance#ROOT/cimv2/Win32_PnPEntity

So you could use cim or wmi cmdlets to call win32_pnpentity

With that information I have arrived at the following for a replacement string. Thanks for the fast answer

$filter = 'Moxa UPort Com Port'
$MoxaPorts = Get-WmiObject win32_pnpentity -Filter "name LIKE '%$filter%'" | Select-Object Name
return $MoxaPorts

I was going to suggest this, but other properties get returned anyway, lol.

get-wmiobject -query "select name from win32_pnpentity where name like '%$filter%'"