Get-GPOReport xml and excel

I ran Get-GPOReport on a test GPO and generated an xml file that I was hoping I’d be able to view in Excel (2013) as it does have an import xml feature (“as an XML table”)

I get an error about “Switch from current encoding to specified encoding not supported”

I don’t see any switch options from Powershell as regards to xml encoding

[-ReportType] <ReportType>

I’d like to more easily parse my GPO for easy review, filtering etc.


How are you reviewing your GPO’s? Only in the GPMC? What’s the point of exporting to an xml if you can’t do anything with it?

What you are asking for simply does not exist in the cmdlet in your question.

Never assume a cmdlet can do X or Y. Use the help files to see what params/switches it does allow, anything not shown, is not natively possible.

You’d end up needing to write your own proxy function to extend for what you are after or submit a feature request to MS. Unless enough folks upvote such a feature request, it won’t happen in most cases.

Why go through the Excel trip, when you can parse XML natively in PowerShell?