Get friendly names on servers

Hi All,

It is my first post here but the people here I know from a long time from MS forums.

My issue that I have a txt files with servers name say for example: 2345-UHGFD and a friendly name MyServer-DC, so I want to get powershell to display both 2345-UHGFD and Myserver-DC when I run a report on these server.

My txt file now state:


I need say to be bale to do:
2345-UHGFD ‘MyServer-DC’
3456-UYTE 'SQL-78KGP

Can this be done so it will show both from the txt file on the html report created by the powershell script?


Hi Rambos,

Can you please give more details on how this relates to DSC?


Hi Sorry, I will move it to powershell Q&A