Get-Filehash output vs certutil -hashfile

Does anyone know why Get-Filehash outputs uppercase letters while Certutil -hashfile outputs the same string but with lowercase letters. Wouldn’t that make the hashes completely different? What am I missing here? Is it just an output format? IDK it’s weird and I don’t like it :smiley:

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AFAIK, hexadecimal hashes are case insensitive.

That’s why i think it’s weird. I’m doing Get-Hashfile .\Windows-KBfilexxxx and output is “42ACE35CB2BF1202C6ABC2F3BCF689A244C9566ED9CC466D2AFBE6ED691D42E3” but
certutil -hashfile .\Windows-KBfilexxxx sha256 outputs liek this

yes, and it should give any problem. Are you facing any issues with the case change ?

Not specifically, no. I just thought it was weird and maybe something I was doing wrong when verifying files. I expected the same exact output for the two commands.

The case might be an issue, depending on what is consuming the hash. RestAPI authentication using hashes vary between different implementations.

ASCII has uppercase, so you could use Get-FileHash (or convert results to uppercase if a lowercase alternative is used). Keeping to a recognized standard facilitates vocabulary mapping [y = x(x-1)] and case-sensitive or regex text searches downstream.