Get-DnsServerResourceRecord seemingly returning all name servers in every zone

…not just for the one specified.

I have to check and then potentially update up to 400 zone nameserver records.

I thought I could turn to Powershell to do this in far less time, and eliminate any mistakes that would no doubt happen doing this manually. However the PS command I understand outputs Name Servers of a zone, is producing a list of more servers than is showing in the GUI (See images below).

On the thought that it was getting this list from all known name servers in the domain, I checked, and even this larger list is still 2 more than what the PS command is outputting, so I am at a loss as to where this list is coming from. Anyone know?

Curiosity aside, I need a cmdlet to output only the name servers in the zone I specify. If not this cmdlet, which one?

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