Get date from text line

Hi, I would like to get date from a text line.

text = “some.test.20.01.05.xcddcd.dcdcdcdc.sdsdsd”

[datetime]::ParseExact($text, “y.m.d”, $null)

If successful i should have date in following format 05 Jan 2020

I try above code but i get a error.

Exception calling “ParseExact” with “3” argument(s): “String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.”
At line:7 char:1

  • [datetime]::ParseExact($text,‘y.m.d’,[cultureinfo]::InvariantCulture) …
  • CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:slight_smile: , MethodInvocationException
  • FullyQualifiedErrorId : FormatException

You will have to cut of the pure date string from the surrounding text. Assuming your input text has always the same format something like this would be an easy way to do this.

$imputText = "some.test.20.01.05.xcddcd.dcdcdcdc.sdsdsd"
$splittedText = ($imputText -split '\.')[2..4] -join '.'
[datetime]::ParseExact($splittedText, "y.m.d", $null)

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