Get-Acl Returns SIDs Rather than Object Names

I have a script that has been running for about a month now, that I’ve been using that list our the groups of a folder. On my machine, the script just started returning the SIDs instead of a the Object names. On a co-workers machine it works as intended and returns the Object names. I’ve been looking on line and people are saying it’s a trust relationship issue with the computer and/or the computer isn’t in a domain. The machine is in the domain, it does not appear to be having a trust relationship, as network drives, and network access is still work. Is there a setting or something I can check to narrow down the issue?

Are you able to find the user object that’s associated with this SID? It could be some user on the local computer that was deleted, or it could be from a domain account or user object that no longer exists.

The Groups are still valid. I can see them within ADUC.