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I’m not sure if this is doable in PowerShell, but what I’m thinking of doing is this.

I know I can use the Google Maps API on HTML / Java Script. I want to have our locations displayed on the Google map, and if their connection is good, show a Green pin, and if it’s bad, show a Red pin.

As I understand, there’s no way of pinging an ip from HTML / Java Script. So I was thinking of using PowerShell to do only the ping command. Is this even possible?

If not, any suggestions?

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That’s a bit more than a ‘general’ question. :slight_smile: I won’t say it’s not doable, but I would tackle two things

  1. From Powershell: Can you create a PIN in the google API? Can you create multiple PINS on a single map? Can you manipulate the color of the PINS? Are you saving to a picture or trying to show something dynamic? What information would you need provide the API for each site (e.g. longitude, latitude, red\green, etc.)?
  2. Now that you know what you need to feed the API, I would work on how you would determine how to get the sites and status of the sites. A ping is a really basic check, but as a proof of concept it would be straight forward to assign green to a good ping or red to a bad ping.

Also, it is possible to ping in JavaScript. If you are trying to create a static picture, Powershell is fine. If you are trying to create a dynamic map that has a refresh interval, the code is more complex and Powershell may not be the best method, but it’s probably doable.

ok thanks Rob.

I know there’s a Google maps API for PowerShell, but it’s all text based, I’m trying to create something more visual.