GAL Sync script ?

by Candee at 2013-04-19 07:45:01


Just curious if anyone has created a script to sync Global Address Lists between domains.
Currently we use the old GALSync tool to sync the Address List between three domains.
We are considering different implementations, and someone suggested we “just” script it.

by DonJ at 2013-04-19 08:26:20
"Just" indeed. That’s pretty non-trivial, especially for a large GAL. I suppose I’d start by exporting the GALs to CliXML files in PowerShell, and then using Compare-Object to compare them two at a time. Generate a list of differences, and then write more script to apply the differences. Not sure what’s wrong with GALSync if it’s working, though. It’s probably faster.
by Candee at 2013-04-19 08:35:05
Thank you!
That’s what I thought, but I was curious if others were using Powershell for that.