Function two validationsets

Hi Folks,

Would appreciate soms helpen in building a PS function.
Want to run a script to connect and select my device(s) and select the command (s) to run via validationsets

I am not able to select the second validationset.

This is what i made .

function Get-ValInfo
        # Param $Val help description
                   ParameterSetName='Parameter Set 1')]
        [ValidateSet("10.149.x.x", "10.149.x.x")]

        # Param $Command help description
                   ParameterSetName='Parameter Set 2')]
        [ValidateSet("ls /data", "pwd ", "more /app/Appli/application.log")]

        $PlinkPath = "D:\Tools\PuTTy\PLINK.EXE"
        $User      = "me"
        $Pwd       = "xx"
        $Log       = "D:\Output.log"
        Set-Alias  plink $PlinkPath

echo yes | plink -ssh $Val -l root -pw $Pwd -m $commands | Out-File -FilePath "$Log"


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Thanks in advance

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What exactly does that mean? Could you elaborate a little more detailed? The validate set for your parameter $Val contains two identical values. Why?

Why do you want to use 2 parameter sets?

Hallo Olaf,

The code is now ok . new here :slight_smile:
This function is to quickly select an value for my variable in the dropdown menu .

I want to run commands to serveral hosts ($val) by selecting them from the validateset , and in the second set also select which command ($command) by selecting form the dropdownbox.


Dropdown menu? Are you talking about the intellisense in the ISE or VSCode?

OK, and what’s the problem?

And why are you using 2 parameter sets? Parameter set and validate sets are two independend/different things. Are you sure you’ve got them right?

Yes indeed, ntellisense in the ISE.
I am new to powershell, the problem is that $commands dont show in intellisense

OK. Let’s start small. Just for testing - change your function to this:

function Get-ValInfo {
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
        [ValidateSet("10.149.x.x", "20.149.x.x")]
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
        [ValidateSet("ls /data", "pwd ", "more /app/Appli/application.log")]


`$Val: '$($Val)'

`$Commands: '$($Commands)'


Where do you define this function? … in your profile?

If it is defined you can type

How does that look?

Great olaf, is working now as I wanted