Force Powershell to use Kerberos instead of NTLM

I do have an application configured to support Kerberos authentication and doing HTTP calls to it from powershell like:

Invoke-WebRequest -V -Uri $url -Method "GET" -ErrorAction Stop -UseDefaultCredentials

If I do this call from another machine request is working fine, an Kerberos token is sent in the headers and authentication succeeds.

If I try the same request on the same machine where Web server is installed, Powershell sends automatically an NTLM token (in Authorization header) and because of that authentication fails.
I do not want to enable NTLM authentication on server.

Is there any possibility to:

  1. force Powershell to use always Kerberos protocol?
  2. or to disable NTLM protocol on a machine (not for entire domain)?

Hi Calin,

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