Firewall: Get port and rule information

I’m having a heck of a time pulling a report for ports, and then adding the rule display name and other information to it.

Input a port number
Get all firewall rules, remote addresses, for the local port number entered.
Get the Display Name, Local Port, Remote Port, Protocol, Enabled, Action, Remote Addresses

Something is wrong with my logic, and of course the code. After staring at the screen non-stop to get this worked out, I am finally fried after three days.

Any help in the right direction is appreciated.
I’m seeing where it may be wrong, yet, I can’t figure out the right direction.

$Script:Portos = Read-Host “Enter a Port Number”

$Script:Rules = Get-NetFirewallRule -policystore ActiveStore | Where-object ((Enabled -eq “True”) -and (Action -eq “Allow”))

$Script:PortFilter = $Script:Rules | get-netfirewallportfilter -PolicyStore ActiveStore | Where-Object localport -eq $Script:Portos

Foreach ($Script:One in $Script:PortFilter)

$Script:One |
get-netfirewallportfilter -PolicyStore ActiveStore |
Where-Object -Property { $_.localport -Eq “$Script:Portos” } |
Select-Object Protocol , LocalPort , RemotePort

$DasRemoteIps = $Script:One |
Get-NetFirewallRule |
Where-object {$.Enabled -eq “True” -and $.Action -eq “Allow”} |
Select-Object RemoteAddress -Verbose

$DasRuleName = $Script:One |
Get-NetFirewallRule -policystore ActiveStore |
Where-object {$.Enabled -eq “True” -and $.Action -eq “Allow”}

Write-host n Write-output ("Display name :" + $DasRuleName.DisplayName) Write-Output ("Port Number :" + $DasPort.LocalPort) Write-Output ("Remote Port :" + $DasPort.LocalPort) Write-Output ("Protocol :" + $DasPort.LocalPort) Write-output ("Enabled :" + $DasRulename.Enabled) Write-output ("Action :" + $DasRuleName.Action) Write-Output "Remote Addresses:" Write-Output "---------------------------" $DasRemoteIps.RemoteAddress Write-host n

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You should also, over time, investigate emitting a custom object rather than a bunch of strings. As-is, the data you’re outputting is going to be pretty much limited to screen display. “The PowerShell Scripting & Toolmaking Book” is a good resource (I’m biased) for getting into the “PowerShell way” of doing this. Those $script: modifiers are also unnecessary and are going to get you in to trouble.

Now… where do you see it going wrong? Like, can you set breakpoints after each variable assignment, check the variable’s new contents, and see where things stop going as you expect?