Find the specific string on xml file and need to display status of search result

Hi Team,

I want to find the specific string on xml file which is saved on my local, and once it find the string wants to see the search results like if that string exists on file need to show the status like “Success” otherwise “Fail”

If you have any example scripts can you please share to me. ASAP

please consider this request has a hight priority


Hi supputur47,

welcome to This is a peer to peer forum for Powershell enthusiasts helping other Powershell enthusiasts - we are not a team and we do not guarantee any service level. So there is no high priority and no ASAP. :wink:

We expect you to have a basic knowledge of the topic you’re asking and we expect you’ve tried something already to solve the problem or task you have and share the code you’ve used trying to solve your problem or task.

If you haven’t started yet you could start with reading the Free PowerShell Cookbook XML by Dr. Tobias Weltner. That should bring you on track.

If you have already code to show you can post this here (formatted as code please) and we will try to help you.