Find installed updates for my programs

Hello! Sorry for my bad english.
Iam pretty new to powershell but iam soon done with the “Powershell 3.0 in a month of lunches”. However…

Today something went wrong with my computer, the UI is flashing when trying to open explorer.exe, and then the explorer restarts… Doesn’t seem to be any real explanation in the eventlog either…

However Now to powershell! I want to list all my recently installed updates, for all my programs. Since explorer.exe isn’t working, I really cant use the GUI. I thought " YES I WILL USE POWERSHELL for this task"

I came up with this

Get-WmiObject -Class "win32_quickfixengineering" |Select-Object -Property "Description", "HotfixID", 

But it only shows me the OS updates…

How could I throu powershell list all the installed updates for all my software?
Like in GUI (Controlpanel –> Programs –> Programs and Features –> Installed updates)


Hope you found the book helpful ;).

The Win32_QuickEngineeringFix only tracks operating system updates. There’s no central tracking of application updates. I’m not sure where that GUI constructs its information, unfortunately - it may even be querying individual applications.