find and replace wildcard

edit: how do I display the two arrow characters on the comma and period keys in this forum? it’s getting edited out as ‘code’

i’m trying to edit content in a scheduled task. the task xml contains this line


i’m trying to replace the “2018-06-29T” part, but the ‘2018-06-29’ part could be anything, so I need a wildcard.

$content = (Get-Content $task)
$newcontent= $content -Replace “*T”,$new

$newcontent is still $content, so I don’t think it’s finding the text to replace, possibly because of the arrow characters in the text, possibly because of the wildcard. help?

How familiar are you with the concept of regular expressions in general and in Powershell in particular? It is used when you use comparison operators like -match and -replace.
That would lead to a command like this:

$newcontent= $content -Replace “.*T”,$new
to “fix” your code.
On the other hand I’m pretty sure there are probably better ways to manipulate a scheduled task than using string acrobatics. :wink: You might show some more of your code. We might help you with this.



so the text I need to replace, and the text I need to use to replace it, both contain characters that I can’t display in this forum because the forum thinks it’s code. and I can’t upload a screenshot. it’s the left and right arrow characters above the comma and period on the keyboard.

the text I need to replace: “(‘less than’ symbol)StartBoundary(‘greater than’ symbol)2018-06-18T”

I went the XML route, and it replaces the text I want, but apparently that doesn’t actually affect the scheduled task anyway. i’m trying to change the Date in “startboundary” without changing the time.

 $Date = (get-date -Format o).split('T')[0]
 $xml = [xml](Get-Content $task)
 $current = $xml.task.Triggers.TimeTrigger.StartBoundary
 $currenttime = $current.split("T")[1]
 $new = $date + "T" + $currenttime
 $xml.task.triggers.timetrigger.StartBoundary = $new

that code successfully modifies the XML of the task just like I want, but the trigger remains unchanged in the task scheduler GUI.