Filtirening subfolders based on fullpath

i need a script that it displays in csv file specific subfolders based on specific word in full path. i used the next script, but he does not works

Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Where { $.PSisContainer } |
.Name -like “PotpisVDR” -and $_.FullName -like “2023”} | Select-object FullName | export-csv path.csv

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Thanks in advance

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When you use the comparison operator -like you have to add wildcards in front, at the end or around your search pattern depending on what you’re looking for exactly. Otherwise it works like an -eq comparison.
Here some working examples:

'random2023' -like '*2023'
'random2023ranmdom' -like '*2023*'
'2023random' -like '2023*'

If you remove any of the * all these comparisons evaluate to $false. :wink:

Without wildcard it works like an -eq

'2023' -like '2023'