Filtering Get-ADObject to with specific patterns and OU?

Hi All,

How can I filter out or exclude some of the results of the Get-ADObject with the below Query?


$Exclusions = @(
Get-ADObject -Filter '(ObjectClass -eq "user" -or ObjectClass -eq "computer") -and Enabled -eq $true -and isRecycled -eq $false -and name -ne "Deleted Objects"' | Where-Object{$_.Name -notin $Exclusions}


  1. When I add the Filter Enabled -eq $true, nothing is returned. How can I get only the enabled AD Objects?

  2. I wanted to exclude certain OU like ‘OU=Disabled Users

  3. If the name contains anything like the above $Exclusions

Thank you in advance.

Enabled is not an attribute of Get-ADObject output. You will need to look at UserAccountControl attribute instead if you are sticking with that cmdlet.

You can use -not UserAccountControl -band 2 in place of Enabled -eq $true.

Comparison operators for collections like -contains , -notcontains, -notin, and -in compare single strings to a collection. Exact matches are required, i.e. no wildcards are allowed. If you want to do wildcard matching, consider using a regex operator like -notmatch. First you will need to use alternations (|) to create the OR-like condition.

Excluding an OU will likely require parsing the DistinguishedName value. I don’t believe that attribute is recognized in the -Filter so Where-Object must be used.

$Exclusions = 'SystemMailbox', 'HealthMailbox', 'Migration', 'Delete','Disabled'
$regex = $Exclusions -join '|'

Get-ADObject -Filter “(ObjectClass -eq ‘user’ -or ObjectClass -eq ‘computer’) -and -not UserAccountControl -band 2 -and isRecycled -eq ‘$false’ -and name -ne ‘Deleted Objects’” | Where-Object { $.Name -notmatch $regex -and $.DistinguishedName -notlike “OU=Disabled Users”}