Filter Property Value

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get the list of windows updates from the WSUS server using the following PowerShell command. I get the result and I can see the first column as “Title”.

Get-WsusUpdate -Approval Unapproved | Select-Object -First 10

But, when I try to filter the output by adding “-Property Title, Classification” to the above line, it will not give me the Title.

Get-WsusUpdate -Approval Unapproved | Select-Object -First 10 -Property Title, Classification

Is it because the string is too long? Can you please help me?


Did a quick search and found this.

It appears the title is part of the update object, so you need to reference it like this:

select @{Name=“Title”;Expression={$_.update.title}}


The Title property column is not a member of the base object but a child object.

   TypeName: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Commands.WsusUpdate

Name                               MemberType
----                               ----------
Approved                             Property
Classification                       Property
ComputersInstalledOrNotApplicable    Property
ComputersNeedingThisUpdate           Property
ComputersWithErrors                  Property
ComputersWithNoStatus                Property
InstalledOrNotApplicablePercentage   Property
LanguagesSupported                   Property
LicenseAgreement                     Property
MayRequestUserInput                  Property
MsrcNumbers                          Property
MustBeInstalledExclusively           Property
Products                             Property
Removable                            Property
RestartBehavior                      Property
Update                               Property
UpdateId                             Property
UpdatesSupersededByThisUpdate        Property
UpdatesSupersedingThisUpdate         Property

You can verify that yourself with below:

$list = Get-WsusUpdate -Approval Unapproved
$list[0] | Get-Member -MemberType Property

The Title property is actually hidden inside the object property “Update”.

$list = Get-WsusUpdate -Approval Unapproved
$list[0].Update | Get-Member -MemberType Property
   TypeName: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.BaseApi.Update

Name                               MemberType
----                               ----------
AdditionalInformationUrls            Property
ArrivalDate                          Property
CompanyTitles                        Property
CreationDate                         Property
DefaultPropertiesLanguage            Property
Description                          Property
HasEarlierRevision                   Property
HasLicenseAgreement                  Property
HasStaleUpdateApprovals              Property
HasSupersededUpdates                 Property
Id                                   Property
InstallationBehavior                 Property
IsApproved                           Property
IsBeta                               Property
IsDeclined                           Property
IsEditable                           Property
IsLatestRevision                     Property
IsSuperseded                         Property
IsWsusInfrastructureUpdate           Property
KnowledgebaseArticles                Property
LegacyName                           Property
MsrcSeverity                         Property
ProductFamilyTitles                  Property
ProductTitles                        Property
PublicationState                     Property
ReleaseNotes                         Property
RequiresLicenseAgreementAcceptance   Property
SecurityBulletins                    Property
Size                                 Property
State                                Property
Title                                Property
UninstallationBehavior               Property
UpdateClassificationTitle            Property
UpdateServer                         Property
UpdateSource                         Property
UpdateType                           Property

The PowerShell engine is doing a bit of magic for you because the authors of the UpdateServices module have specified a custom format view to allow for human consumption.

If you open the custom format file “C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\Modules\UpdateServices\WsusCmdlets.format.ps1xml” of the UpdateServices module and search for “Microsoft.UpdateServices.Commands.WsusUpdate” you can find the calculated property.

To get the same result with only selected properties you’ll need to specify a calculated property for Title instead.

Get-WsusUpdate -Approval Unapproved | Select-Object -First 10 -Property @{Name='Title';Expression={$_.Update.Title}}, Classification

I hope above helps. Apologies for my long answer.


That worked. Thank you Ron & Daniel for the quick response. Special thanks to Daniel for the explanation.

Thank you,