Filter for only the ifIndex from Get-NetAdapter

Is it possible to filter for only the ifIndex when using

Get-NetAdapter -physical | where status -eq 'up'

Failing that, can the output be formatted differently, like the following?

Name                 : ...
InterfaceDescription : ...
ifIndex              : ...
Status               : ...
MacAddress           : ...
LinkSpeed            : ...

Thanks for any insight.

Of course. With a Select-Object

Get-NetAdapter -Physical | 
    Where-Object -Property status -EQ -Value 'up' |
        Select-Object -Property ifIndex

I’d recommend to make a step back and start with learning the very basics of PowerShell first. This will save you from a lot of wasted time and frustrations.

Thanks for that, helped me get where I was headed.

$ifIndex = Get-NetAdapter -physical `
| where status -EQ -Value "Up" `
| Select-Object ifIndex `
; if($ifindex -Match".*(\d+)"){$matches.1}

Note: The use of single quotes within a code-block causes the code following to become italicised, causing the pipeline symbol to look like a forward-slash – another inline-code/code-block anomaly. :wink:

Another question, is the -Value flag strictly necessary in the above code; I’d have thought maybe just for integers?

 get-help where-object -examples

--------------- Example 1: Get stopped services ---------------
Get-Service | Where-Object {$_.Status -eq "Stopped"}
Get-Service | where Status -eq "Stopped"

-------- Example 4: Use the comparison statement format --------
Get-Process | Where-Object -Property Handles -GE -Value 1000
Get-Process | where Handles -GE 1000

I usually do not care that much about the little awkwardnesses of the forum software and how it’s formatting the code. Much more important I think is NOT to use backticks as line continuation characters as it is considered very bad style and can cause hard to find errors. :wink:

PowerShell is very forgiving when it comes to code formatting and style. At the end of the day does the result count. But I try to follow most of the best practice and style guide recommendations anyway to make my code easy to read and consistent.