extracting an array from javascript returned by webrequest

hi folks :slight_smile:

i wrote a script to login to my DSL modem and scrape the statistics from the WAN status page, and make some charts to display on my website, works great, powershell is awsome! :slight_smile:

but in my works i realized that the array i’m looking to create already exists in a javascript returned by the page, and essentially the modem has already done the looping works to make it

is there a way to direcly fetch the array as an object from the javascript in the webpage?

thanks for any info


what does this object look like?

Show your code and output, otherwise we are left to guess.

Parsing a web page is a common thing and many web resources show that. Doing this on a JavaScript oriented page, depending on how it’s set up is a bit of a different challenge.

Either way you are looking at get the object into a var and using loops to get to data, even if this was not using PowerShell to get at it.