Exporting the "Admin Roles" in "Exchange admin center" - Permissions


How can I export (to TXT or CSV) the “Admin Roles” in “Exchange admin center” - Permissions (Highlighted in RED).

I tried several commands like Get-ManagementRole, etc but i am just not able to get a handle to it.

Please help



I think this may help you.

Get-RoleGroup | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name | Sort-Object

[quote quote=232867]I think this may help you.

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Get-RoleGroup | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name | Sort-Object
[/quote] Thanks Doug. Works great.

Took it a step further to extract some of the needed sub components

Get-RoleGroup | select-object SamAccountName, Identity, managedby, members, Roles, RoleAssignments