Expiration Date displayed incorrectly

Hi, I’m using “msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed” to get the password expiry date.
The resulting CSV file contains many users with an expiration date of 12/31/1600. the command
NET USER shows a normal expiration date of 7/12/2021.
Can anyone decipher this?

|Displayname |ExpiryDate|

|AAA |7/12/2021 15:59|
|BBB |7/12/2021 18:05|
|CCC |12/31/1600 7:00:00 PM|
|DDD |12/31/1600 7:00:00 PM|

|Net User:
|Password last set 4/13/2021 8:23:11 PM||
|Password expires 7/12/2021 8:23:11 PM||
|Password changeable 4/13/2021 8:23:11 PM||
|Password required Yes||
|User may change password Yes||

You gave us no code to show how are you generating those dates.

Did you read specifications?
[MS-ADTS]: msDS-UserPasswordExpiryTimeComputed | Microsoft Docs

I do know that you will get 12/31/1600 if the user has never logged into the account.

Tony, that was it. Users never logged into their their account to the domain.

Thanks tonyd.
Your response proved to be on the money. I would have never have figured it out without your help.
All the best, Gideon.

Glad you got it figured :+1: