Exclude folders from search

Hi All,

I have this script :

$exclude = ("w:\test\york\SedAwk")
Get-ChildItem -path $path -Recurse -Filter *.html | 
        ForEach-Object {
            If (Get-Content $_.FullName | Select-String -Pattern "Stay Connected") {
                Select-String -InputObject (Get-Content $_.FullName | Where {$_.FullName -notlike $exclude} | Out-String) -Pattern "(?sm)<main([\w\W]*)$pattern([\w\W]*)Stay Connected" -Quiet
            ElseIf (Get-Content $_.FullName | Select-String -Pattern "Soyez branch") {
                Select-String -InputObject (Get-Content $_.FullName | Where {$_.FullName -notlike $exclude} | Out-String) -Pattern "(?sm)<main([\w\W]*)$pattern([\w\W]*)Soyez branch" -Quiet
            Else {
                Select-String -InputObject (Get-Content $_.FullName | Where {$_.FullName -notlike $exclude} | Out-String) -Pattern "(?sm)<main([\w\W]*)$pattern([\w\W]*)" -Quiet
# call this script is using .\FindStringContent.ps1 -pattern "list-unstyled" -path "w:\path\path1" | Export-CSV "C:\test\savename4.csv"

But I am having a hard time getting it to exclude the SedAwk folder.

How can this be achieved?


Try this:

Get-ChildItem -path $path -Recurse -Filter *.html -Exclude "*SedAwk*"

Also, I’m not sure if you just threw the above together for an example, but the Where-Object is not correct in your statement.