Exchange Online PS help


I can’t figure these out and hoping someone can help me out.

I’m trying to get the “notify recipients when messages are quarantined as malware”.
This is what I’ve got and have tried the other flags…
Set-MalwareFilterPolicy -Identity “Default” -EnableFileFilter 1


Hi, welcome to the forum :wave:

You haven’t provided enough information for anyone to help you. You say:

But you’re using a Set command, not a Get command (Get-MailwareFilterPolicy).

Please let us know what you are trying to do and what error messages (if any) you’re receiving.

When posting code and error messages, please make sure to use the Preformatted text button </>.

Hi Matt and thank you.

I am trying to turn on the setting “notify recipients when messages are quarantined as malware” in the default anti-malware policy.

Just out of curiosity - why does it have to be with PowerShell? If I got it right it is one click and you’re done.

Hi Olaf. Yes, you’re right about it being one click and done. In this case, I will use this one with more commands in many environments.

From looking at the help, I suspect it’s this:

Set-MalwareFilterPolicy -Name 'Default' -Action 'DeleteAttachmentAndUseDefaultAlert'

DeleteAttachmentAndUseDefaultAlert: Delivers the message, but replaces all attachments with a file named Malware Alert Text.txt that contains the default alert text. In the cloud-based service, the message with the original attachments is also quarantined.


Spot on. Thank you Matt!