Escape quotes with cmd

Hello guys,

i want to run this powershell scripblock with cmd script :

Get-ScheduledTask | foreach {Export-ScheduledTask -TaskName $.TaskName -TaskPath $.TaskPath | Out-File (Join-Path “D:\Testing\Sauv\SchTasks” “$($_.TaskName).xml”)}

Like :

powershell -command “Get-ScheduledTask | foreach {Export-ScheduledTask -TaskName $.TaskName -TaskPath $.TaskPath | Out-File (Join-Path “D:\Testing\Sauv\SchTasks” “$($_.TaskName).xml”)}”

but i can’t get the result, how can i espace the quotes ?

thanx for your help

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Why? I mean why don’t you use PowerShell without CMD?

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Thanks in advance

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PowerShell.exe -Command "Get-ScheduledTask | foreach {Export-ScheduledTask -TaskName $_.TaskName -TaskPath $_.TaskPath | Out-File (Join-Path 'D:\Testing\Sauv\SchTasks' '$($_.TaskName).xml')}"