Error when using update-dscconfiguration

I am having a problem with the update-dscconfiguration. I can register my node to the pullserver but it won’t get the configurationfile. I think this is caused by the same issue of update-dscconfiguration with the following error:
The attempt to ‘get an action’ for AgentId 153B0A2D-2A68-11E7-9662-000C2936433B from server URL https://d
failed with server error ‘ResourceNotFound(404)’.
For further details see the server error message below or the DSC debug event log with ID 4339.
ServerErrorMessage:- ‘The assigned configuration ‘Webservice’ is not found in the pull server
configuration repository.’

I’m Working with a HTTPS pullserver with WMF5.

Pullserver script:
Configuration PullServer {
[string[]]$computerName = “localhost”,
Import-DSCResource -ModuleName xPSDesiredStateConfiguration
Import-DSCResource -ModuleName PSDesiredStateConfiguration

    # Load the Windows Server DSC Service feature
    Node $computerName 
      WindowsFeature DSCServiceFeature
      Ensure = 'Present'
      Name = 'DSC-Service'

    # Use the DSC Resource to simplify deployment of the web service
    xDSCWebService PSDSCPullServer
      Ensure = 'Present'
      EndpointName = 'PSDSCPullServer'
      Port = 443
      PhysicalPath = "$env:SYSTEMDRIVE\inetpub\wwwroot\PSDSCPullServer"
      CertificateThumbPrint = $certificateThumbPrint
      ModulePath = "$env:PROGRAMFILES\WindowsPowerShell\DscService\Modules"
      ConfigurationPath = "$env:PROGRAMFILES\WindowsPowerShell\DscService\Configuration"
      State = 'Started'
      DependsOn = '[WindowsFeature]DSCServiceFeature'
      UseSecurityBestPractices = $false

    File RegistrationKeyFile
    Ensure = 'Present'
    Type = 'File'
    DestinationPath = "$env:ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\DscService\RegistrationKeys.txt"
    Contents = $RegistrationKey


#$guid = [guid]::NewGuid()
$guid = ‘regkey’
$cert = Get-ChildItem Cert:\LocalMachine\My
$filepath = ‘C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\DscService\Configuration\PullServer’
PullServer -RegistrationKey $guid -certificateThumbPrint $cert.Thumbprint -OutputPath $filepath
New-DscChecksum -Path $filepath
Start-DscConfiguration -Path $filepath -wait -Verbose -Force

LCM configuration file:

Configuration LCM_Pull {

Node localhost {

    Settings {
        ConfigurationMode = 'ApplyAndAutoCorrect'
        RefreshMode = 'Pull'
        ConfigurationModeFrequencyMins = 15
        RebootNodeIfNeeded = $true

    ConfigurationRepositoryWeb PullServer {
        ServerURL = 'https://DSC-Server/PsDscPullserver.svc'
        AllowUnsecureConnection = $false
        RegistrationKey = 'regkey'
        ConfigurationNames = @('Webservice')

    ResourceRepositoryWeb PullServerModules {
        ServerURL = 'https://DSC-Server/PsDscPullserver.svc'
        AllowUnsecureConnection = $false
        RegistrationKey = 'regkey'


LCM_Pull -OutputPath “$env:SystemDrive\DscConfiguration”
Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager -Path “$env:SystemDrive\DscConfiguration” -Verbose -ComputerName localhost -Force

In your Example it seems that you use a configuration names in your LCM Script.
So make sure that on your pull server your mof and checksum have the same name like your configuration names.

In /dsc/configurations/, you should have this files Webservice.mof and .checksum .


Hello Arnold,

I got the folder ‘Webservice’ located at C:\Program Files\WindowsPowershell\DscService\Configuration.
This folder contains both ‘Webservice.mof’ and the ‘Webservice.mof.checksum’ file.

I can’t seem to find the solution, Thanks in advance!

copy the content of your folder and paste them directly in C:\Program Files\WindowsPowershell\DscService\Configuration

It should work

Thanks so much this works! I’ve been looking for ages!

You are welcome. :wink: