Error on Path with spaces, commas, parenthesis and slash

Errors when running code below, how do I bypass spaces, commas, parenthesis and slashes that is comes across in the Paths?

$StartLevel = 2 # 0 = include base folder, 1 = sub-folders only, 2 = start at 2nd level
$Depth = 20 # How many levels deep to scan
$Path = “.” # starting path

$folders = For ($i=$StartLevel; $i -le $Depth; $i++) {
$Levels = “*” * $i
(Resolve-Path $Path$Levels).ProviderPath | Get-Item | Where PsIsContainer |
Select FullName

$Folders.fullname | %{ Get-ChildItem -path $_ -Recurse | Sort-Object -Property LastWriteTime -Descending | Select-Object -First 1 | Format-Table -Property LastWriteTime,FullName -Autosize | Out-File -Append C:\Users\mmsho\Documents\Testoutput.txt -Encoding UTF8

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What should be the result of this code?

Regardless of that: format cmdlets should (almost) always be the last element in a pipeline. It does not make sense to pipe the output of Format-Table to Out-File. A suitable option would be to use Export-Csv.

Any reason why you can’t do the following?:

$Path = '.'
$Depth = 20
$ExportFolder = "c:\users\mmsho\documents"

Get-ChildItem -Path $Path -Directory -Recurse -Depth $Depth | 
    select LastWriteTime,Fullname | export-csv "$ExportFolder\testoutput.csv"

CSV is a cleaner export than a foreach-FormatTable.

But to answer your question, it’s because (Resolve-Path $Path$Level).Provide… should be (Resolve-Path “$Path$Levels”).Provide…