EnhancedHTML2 - custom

Hi Don,
have you considered adding another parameter in the EnhancedHTML2 module to allow header injection with a more complete list of css and js?

It is quick to customize in the code, but just for a sake of standardized version :slight_smile:

Actually I simply (and hope correctly as it works):
add a new param:
that I later inject in the header
ConvertTo-HTML -Head “$stylesheet`n$titletag`n$script`n$bootCSS`n$datatable” -Body $body

as simple as it is, allow a quick import of Bootstrap,Bootwatch,fonts and so on.

cheer fra

I haven’t, but you’re welcome to suggest that in a pull request. GitHub.com/powershellorg/EnhancedHTML2.

Hi Don, pull request done.
I also added another pull just now, as per my tests i see an not required closure in case the list type is passed, instead of the table type.
i have some doubt if you can see the last change in the whole pull request or if i have to submit a new one…
tnx fra