enable iis forms authentication

I currently have the ability to do windows and anonymous - how to get forms as an option?
Is there a particular module that would I need to that function?


ShortName          = "sitename"
            DNSSuffix          = "domain.com"
            SiteAuthors        = ("username")
            State              = "Started"
            Certificate        = "cert number"
            RuntimeVersion     = "v4.0"
            Enable32Bit        = "Enabled"
            Nodes              = ('dev01')
            IISAnonymousAuth   = 'Enabled'
            IISAnonymousUser   = ''
            IISWindowsAuth     = 'Disabled'
            Applications       = @()
            VirtualDirectories = @()

Forms auth is actually specific to ASP.NET, and it’s not supported by the DSC resource. I kinda thought Forms was actually deprecated, to be honest.

a custom module could be done/created?