'en-NZ culture' - default date format 'dd/MM/yyyy'

When run on PowerShell(7) …

PS> $datePattern = '\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}'
'Today is 1999-12-31' -replace $datePattern, { [datetime]$PSItem.value }
... produces:- 
'Today is 12/31/1999 00:00:00'
rather than (my Locale Pattern):-
'Today is 31/12/1999 00:00:00'


PS > Get-Culture -Debug
... produces:- 

LCID             Name             DisplayName
----             ----             -----------
5129             en-NZ            English (New Zealand)

… Am I wrong?

In the “en-NZ” culture, the default date format is “dd/MM/yyyy”. When converting the date string ‘1999-12-31’ to a datetime object (cast … [datetime]), PowerShell uses the default date format of the current culture to display the datetime object. Therefore, ‘12/31/1999 00:00:00’ should be ‘31/12/1999 00:00:00’.
Is this not the case? Could this be a PowerShell bug? How do I test this possibility?

I was excited to (finally) discover PowerShell a couple of weeks ago … enjoying, the (for me, very steep) ‘learning curve’ … has to be said … 76 year old, of dubious intellectual stature … 35 year photography career and a retirement plan to unite past clients, with their original (now being digitised by me) pictures, which involves a significant amount of metadata and general data manipulation…

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How do you populate $PSItem?

And what is it what you’re actually trying to do? There might be another/a better way. :wink:

You can always format a date to your particular needs:

$DateTime = Get-Date
$DateTime.ToString('dd\/MM\/yyyy HH:mm:ss')

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How about your issue? Could you solve it in the meantime?

Thanks Olaf … no response so far but I am still trying to increase my knowledge … plenty yet to learn …

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