Duplicate help files

Hi Folks,

PS noob and first post… I’ll try not to embarrass myself or waste anyone’s time.

I’m working through Don and Jeffrey’s Month of Lunches book, which is wonderful. I’m posting here because I seem to have a couple duplicate help files. I’m working on a Win7 laptop, which has PS 3 installed. I downloaded and installed PS5.01, then I ran Update-help.

When I run

help common

I see two 2 help files for both About_ActivityCommonParameters and About_WorkflowCommonParameters. I don’t know if there are any other duplicates or not.

So how I can I get rid of the dupes?



They are not same, did go through the documentations of both ?

I can’t get to the contents of the helpfiles. When I do

Help About_ActivityCommonParameters
Help About_WorkflowCommonParameters

I just get the 2 files lists returned. They have the exact same name and same Synopsis. If I do Help About_CommonParameters, I see the contents of the helpfile. There is only one of these files.

If there are multiple results, PowerShell wont display contents of both, in this case you have to mention the exact name of the file as you have done a wildcard search.

And the names here are not exactly same.