DSC with dynamic credentials

Hi @all,

I’m working for some time now on my DSC configuration.
I had my KeePass set up, and I’m able to get credentials out of it and putting them encrypted to my .mof files.
So far, so good.
The problem arises when the password is changed. The only way I see is to recreate the mof files every time I change the password.
But this is a manual step. The configuration is quite complex and I would like to automate this.
Is there a way to get a dynamic password into the mof file?
Maybe through the script section, pulling it during run time out of the KeyPass and keep it as a variable?
Or is this a dead end?
I’m thinking of creating a script for changing the ad account then putting it into the save and then automatically regenerate the .mof files.
I really don’t like the second option.
Anyone with a smart idea for this?


Your help is much appreciated.

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