DSC Script to enforce strong passwords

Hi, I’m writting a dsc script that enforces strong password to authenticate users. I’m using some DSC module for the script like SecurityPolicy module and LocalAccount.

Configuration EnforceStrongPassword
param (

Import-DscResource -ModuleName PSDesiredStateConfiguration
Import-DscResource -ModuleName SecurityPolicy

Node Localhost
#Import-DscResource -ModuleName SecurityPolicy
SecurityPolicy PasswordPolicy

     MinimumPasswordLenght = 8
     MaximumPasswordLenght = 18
     PasswordComplexity = $true
     ReversibleEncryption = $false
     LockoutBadCount = 3
     LockoutDuration = (New-TimeSpan -Minutes 15)
     LockoutObservationWindow = (New-TimeSpan -Minutes 15)

  Import-DscResource -ModuleName LocalAccount
  LocalAccount SetLocalAdminPassword

     UserName = 'Administrator'
     Password = $LocalAdminPassword | ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force



$LocalAdminPassword = “>>>>>>>”
SecureWindowsServer -LocalAdminPassword $LocalAdminPassword -OutputPath “C:\SecureWindowsServer”
Start-DscConfiguration -Path “C:\SecureWindowsServer” -Wait -Force -Verbose

I have installed the moduled (SecurityPolicyDsc) but powershell is still telling me that I need to import it.
I got error like “Undefined DSC resource ‘SecurityPolicy’. Use import-Dscresource to import the resource”

Any Idea on how I can get it fixed