DSC resource run once

Hi Using Server 2012R2 with WMF 5.

The LCM settings set to ApplyandAutocorrect and pull mode.

Is it possible to make sure a dscresource runs 1 time only. Even though the mof file reruns after restart to finish all configuration?

The custom resource I am talking about runs the SharePoint configuration Wizard (psconfig), which upgrades databases after installing specific SharePoint updates. I want each node to run psconfig once after joining the SharePoint farm.
Simply put I want the psconfig resource to run only if the joinfarm resource runs ‘Set’, which it will only do once, to join the farm.

I guess I could modify the xsharepoint joining resource to also run psconfig, but I’d rather not mess with Github resources that work great already.

Can I use the ApplyandMonitor setting in the LCM? Will this make the node finish its mof before monitoring? Though if this works, the problem is still that a change in the configuration and rerun of the mof will launch the psconfig again which I dont want.

Any suggestions or other steps to make this happen?



there is no way within dsc to say run this once. The proper way to do this would be to build a db schema check into the test function of the psconfig resource you wrote and when the schema is already on the correct version then return true.

Hi Ryan,
Sounds like a good idea. Ill look into it.