DSC References/Books

Are there any books out there on DSC. i.e. What it is, what it does, how to user it, etc. I’ve got a general idea as to what DSC is, but I’d like to sit down with a GOOD book and get a more thorough understanding of what it is and how I can use it.

Don I have your “Powershell in a month of Lunches” and your “Toolmaking in a month of Lunches”. Are there any plans to publish a “DSC in a month of lunches” book? (hint hint)

No, there are no plans to do a DSC “Lunches” title. DSC doesn’t really fit the “entry level” notion of the series. And, it’s changing much too rapidly to be a good fit for published books.

See “The DSC Book.” It’s with our other free ebooks (on the Resources menu here).

THANKS for the reply and THANKS to you and Jeff for the “Lunches” books!