DSC Disk Label issue


I have this very simple disk config. Just trying to set a label.

Disk CVolume
DiskId = '0'
DriveLetter = 'C'
FSLabel = 'System'
However when the config is executed, DSC is trying to resize the disk for some reason. I am not telling it to touch the disk size. See below.
VERBOSE: [server]: LCM: [ Start Resource ] [[Disk]CVolume] VERBOSE: [server]: LCM: [ Start Test ] [[Disk]CVolume] VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Test-TargetResource: Testing disk with Number '0' status for drive letter 'C'. VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Test-TargetResource: Checking if disk with Number '0' is initialized. VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Perform operation 'Query CimInstances' with following parameters, ''queryExpression' = SELECT BlockSize from Win32_Volume WHERE DriveLetter = 'C:','queryDialect' = WQL,'namespaceName' = root\cimv2'. VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Operation 'Query CimInstances' complete. VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Test-TargetResource: Volume assigned to drive C label '' does not match expected label 'System'. VERBOSE: [server]: LCM: [ End Test ] [[Disk]CVolume] in 4.3440 seconds. VERBOSE: [server]: LCM: [ Start Set ] [[Disk]CVolume] VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Set-TargetResource: Setting disk with Number '0' status for drive letter 'C'. VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Set-TargetResource: Checking disk with Number '0' partition style. VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Set-TargetResource: Disk with Number '0' is already initialized with 'GPT'. VERBOSE: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Set-TargetResource: Partition '4' is already assigned as drive C. WARNING: [server]: [[Disk]CVolume] Set-TargetResource: Skipping resize of C from 106819485696 to 106820517376. AllowDestructive is not set to $true. VERBOSE: [server]: LCM: [ End Set ] [[Disk]CVolume] in 3.0470 seconds. VERBOSE: [server]: LCM: [ End Resource ] [[Disk]CVolume]

Looks like an issue with the DSC resource itself. Talked with developers on github and opened new issue for it. https://github.com/dsccommunity/StorageDsc/issues/246