DSC and its role in the CI/CD pipeline

Keep in mind that I am asking this question from a highly regulated, large corporate environment not known for taking risks.

Are many of you using DSC for release automation? Currently our organization is bringing in UrbanCode,for the audit and controls that product provides for release. However, we have a lack of configuration management that I think DSC could be a welcome solution for our Windows platform.

For anyone who has gone further down the DSC path in a regulated environment, where has DSC performed well and where have you leveraged other tools in a CI/CD pipeline?

I used DSC for a while to get a certain system deployed from source control, where the DSC configuration was in source control. The idea was to get that DSC configuration from source control onto the deployed systems. Basically I was tired of writing patch scripts to get the latest release’s changes deployed consistently. DSC came to the rescue by eliminating the need to script those changes, allowing me to focus on just the configuration.

The DSC part worked well, the part that I never finished was getting the DSC configuration from source control, to a release location, then to a generated MOF file on a DSC pull server. I was looking forward to getting that part done an a TFS build (generating the MOF and placing the MOF on the pull server) but ran out of time and moved onto another project.