Driver Replacement

Currently I have a device that the drivers get reset “randomly”.
What I would like is a Quick Fix solution

What happens is the driver defaults to an unknown driver (I assume its built in plug and play driver)
From here the device does not work properly.
So each time this happens I have to manually update this device driver.
Browse to the appropriate driver.
Replace current driver.

I do not know how to even start to develop a PowerShell solution for this.

Yes I have changed windows update settings
Yes I have allowed unsigned drivers in the bios
Yes I have contacted the device manufacture (HA HA)

Some direction would be greatly appreciated. I would think this would be similar to replacing a print driver on boot? This device resembles a Web Cam
When configured correctly the device falls into “imaging devices”
When configured incorrectly the device falls into " sound video and game controller"

I would try the following:

Determine the device ID.
Query Win32_PNPEntity, filter for the device ID and check its current state.
If the current state is unknown, reinstall the driver.
Run the query again, and confirm the device is installed.

This article explains how to query Win32_PNPEntity for unknown devices.