#DonJones - EnhancedHTML2-Demo issues

Seasons Greetings, Don,

Thanks for the great article and samples. Really enjoy your nugget on this subject…

I am having some trouble with the demo script and module that you created.

1.) When passing ‘MakeTableDynamic’=$true; to the function ConvertTo-EnhancedHTMLFragment the raw HTML output includes a class that is not defined in your CSS style…

  If I delete the word grid from the table class, the table will re-size dynamically.

2.) If I alter the input parameter to one to the fragments adding ‘MakeHiddenSection’=$true, the table is hidden properly, but the toggle function is not operating.

  This occurs identically whether I use local jquery files, or the default, and it does not matter what browser I use.

3.) I see no tags in the output for datatable_length, datatable_filter, nor anything for pagination.

The samples in the document you published show all of these features, yet the script produces none. Was an errant version of the script and module uploaded with the current code in the public onedrive?



I’m generally able to run the demo without a problem, although I’m not able to dig into it right this minute. Without seeing your entire script, though, and the resulting HTML, it’s awfully tough to make sure I’m replicating what you’re doing.

The inclusion of additional classes isn’t necessarily a bug. Classes get added dynamically, and you don’t have to refer to all of them in the CSS. Some of them are there so you can theme specific things, which I may not have themed in my example. You’d need to know a bit about CSS and HTML to make sense of everything that’s happening.

I never had a goal of re-siing the table dynamically, so I’ve not played with that.

Usually, if the toggle isn’t operating, it’s because Javascript is being blocked by the browser. Note that the actual toggle functionality has nothing to do with the section header changing color, or the cursor changing to a pointer. Those are accomplished by CSS; the actual toggling is all the Javascript does.

The pagination and other tags are added dynamically by the DataTable modules. Again, if Javascript isn’t running, none of that happens.